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Christmas videos and vocabulary

Thursday, November 23, 2017


                                               KING KONG

Ann Darrow had no work and no money.In Ney York City in 1933,a lot of people were hungry.Ann was hungry,too.She was an actor and she had to find a new job quickly.Carl Denham had work,but his bosses weren't happy with him.They gave him money and he made movies.But when they didn't like a movie,they stopped the money.Carl think a story in a secret island.There lived King Kng.Carl said to the actors to go to the ship,while the ship was waiting.Preston said that Maureen wasn't coming and Carl said that they should find another beautiful woman and the ship sailed in three hours.A fruit seller in the street in front of Carl turned his head away from his suit for a minute and a beautiful woman quickly took some.Carl said to the young woman that they would do a movie.They went in a restaurant and they ate something.They spoke a little bite for their life and Carl said to Ann about the new film.Then Ann said yes and they went at the boat and they sailed.In the ship Jack lived in a room that they used chroloform because they had animals and they didn't want to kill them.They arrive a little bite bad because they crashed at the wall of the Skull Island.They climbed up at the crowls and they saw very old ruins at the top of the mountain.They went in a old village and some people they had red eyes and they wore olf clothes.The actors fought but a old woman took Ann and all the others left.At the black night they gave Ann at the King Kong.The King Kong fallen in love with her and he saved at all the time.One night Jack met Ann with King Kong and he took her.They ran because King Kong woke up and he saw them.He ran but didn't catch them.One year later Kng Kong arrived in New York City and he was angry and he wanted to find Ann.He found another girl and they were together.The other day King Kong killed her and he killed another three hundred women.But three days later he found Ann and he took her and he climbed in the highest building in the world.He climbed...he climbed when he went to the top of it.Aeroplanes surrounded King Kong in the Earth,in the West,in the South,in the North.He placed Ann and one minute before aeroplanes shot him and he died.Ann was crying and she was sad all her life after that.


                                            A INTERVIEW ABOUT ME

1)A shot of me:i am talking to the camera.
HI!!!I am Manolis and i am thirteen years old.I come from Heraklion,the south of Greece.All the people think i am quite shy,but in fact i am a confident person.For example,i am good at making friends and saying funny things.
2)My family and my town.
I live in a big and modern house.We are not near of the town,but i have got my grannies,my parents and i have a lot of friends in the school.
3)A shot of our house and me:
In my house we have a lawn and we play basketball with my friends.My favourite hobby is basketball and my favourite thing to do in my free time is to draw cars.
4)Another shot of me: i am talking to the camera.
Choose me because l am a very interesting person,but i live in a quiet town.Sometimes all the people have this fantastic life!!!     


                                          MY TOWN

      I live in a modern house.Our festivals are too many but i can't say all of them.I will say the parade that is a party where all the people go and they dance
     All of the people play football and basketball.If they lose,they will be angry.
     The music of Crete is too popular,like pentozali.
     The schools are many and all the children must be over six years.All schools are in the city.oi


                       A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE 

       Hi!!!I am Manolis and these are my predictions about the future!!!First of all,we will have robots to clean our house and to cook our favourite food.Secontly,our transport will change.We will drive''flying cars''which will go for small and huge length of distance.Thirdly,we will not have shops or restaurants,but we will shop in ''e-shops''.Fourthly,we will have animals like dogs that are robots.In the end,i will say that we will use technology all the time.


                                                A SCARY STORY

      In 2008 a man who was called Tom came from Egypt and he lived in a small and old ruin in Japan.He was hungry.
     Two weeks before some people found him in the ruin and they shot him.Then he ran and he went to the top of the ruin.He jumbed and he ran.One time he arrived in a big forest which had very tall trees.He continued and two minutes later some zombies hunted Tom,but Tom was not afraid and he took his gun from his ruin and he shot them but they did not have bodies and they wanted to kill them.One minute later the sun went out and the ghosts left.
     Four years later in the celebration of Halloween Tom celebrated and he wore a scary mask.He went to his friends house and they celebrated all together.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


It was a spooky rainy night. Mary was watching a movie and was eating pop corn when suddenly she listened a loud noise at the door. She stand up to see what had happened. She opened the door slowly and screamed so hard . A girl with a white dress and blood all over her was standing in front of her door.Marry was terrified. The girl got into the house and started running and screaming ,Mary was watching her without doing anything. She was shocked. After  a little time  the girl stopped screaming and was standing across Mary. The two girls were watching each other in to  their eyes. Mary got out of the house quickly and starting running around the neighbourhood , the girl was following her angrily.  The rain was getting harder and the girl would not stop following her. They had arrived outside of a house when Mary stopped running and the girl did too. The two girls were standing across each other again.The girl looked at Mary and put out the wig.

- Ahh ..oh my god Liz ,you scared me. What are you doing? I thought I was going to die.
- Haha ,I got you so good Mary. Now  we are okay with that prank you did to me last year.
-I am so sorry I had to do it .
-Haha okay that is a real Halloween. Now lets go see a movie
-Ah yes!


Halloween Pumpkin Craft

Sections of the pumpkin are cut out to make holes, often depicting a face, which may be either cheerful, scary, or comical. Many and different tools can be used to carve out the gourd, from simple knives and spoons to specialized instruments, typically sold in holiday sections of North American grocery stores. Printed stencils can be used as a guide for spooky designs. After carving, a light source, such as a candle, is placed inside the gourd, and the top is put back into place. The light is normally inserted to illuminate the design from the inside and add an extra spookiness.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Trick-or-treat is a Halloween custom for children in the United Kingdom. Children incostumes go from house-to-house, asking for treats with the phrase "Trick or treat". The "treat" is usually some form of candy, although, money is used instead. The "trick" is a usually idle threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given. Some homeowners signal that they are willing to hand out treats by putting up Halloween decorations outside their doors, others simply leave treats available on their porches for the children to take freely.

Friday, October 13, 2017

A vulture on a cross

It is a vulture on a cross. I took this ptoto on 6th of August on Giouhtas mountain. I had gone hiking all the way up to the church ''Afentis Hristos''.

My photo

This is my picture.I took it a few days ago at Koules castle.I love the colours and it is just really beautiful and peaceful.

Photo by Melina

Melina, E class: This is a photo with no filters too. I took this photo one day when I had a lesson in the pool. It shows a part of the pool, a few buildings and the beautiful sunset. I took that photo because I really liked the colours of the sunset.