Tuesday, December 10, 2013


                                  COME TO HERAKLION

Heraklion city is the biggest in Crete. It is located in Crete, Greece. It’s a very beautiful city with awesome beaches. I recommend that you visit the city in the summer or any season’s holidays because Heraklion is wonderful all days of the year! In addition, Heraklion has got many archaeological sites which are important in the history of Greece. Heraklion's people are very happy and hospitality. I'm sure that you will enjoy your visit  a lot!

You’ll love it in the Summer!

The special Heraklion’s location gives you fantastic holidays! The city  has got amazing beaches! The beaches of Heraklion have got the city’s colour. Everywhere in Crete there are beaches. Heraklion has got many popular and some of the best beaches of Crete. The city has got a very hot climate and the weather is hot and sunny almost all days of the year!

And you’ll love it in the winter!

Heraklion has got a hot climate and it is not very cold  in winter. Many times in the winter the weather is great, almost like in the summer. So your program won't have to be changed. Except the beaches there are lots of places to visit in the winter.

There are just of the fantastic attractions that you should visit:

·       The Venetian Fortress of Koules.
·       The amazing Heraklion’s port.
·       The Archaeological Museum.
·       The Eleupheria’s Square.
·       The Palace of Knossos